Why Belief System is Important for Success in Network Marketing?

  • 2012-11-14

    Belief system in product or service is extremely important for your success in network marketing.


    The business will not work for you if your head and heart pull in different directions. If you wish to sponsor someone into the business, then you must have belief that network marketing works.


    Believe that it is one of the best business models to make large amounts of passive income within a remarkably short period of time without financial risks associated with traditional businesses.


    In order to transfer your enthusiasm you must have BELIEF in the product or service. If you do not have belief in your product it will show in your body language, in your eyes and behavior pattern.


    Your heart and mind have to flow in one direction if you are to succeed in this business. If you are artificial you will be found out.

    How does one build the belief system to succeed? The most important thing is to find a great company, with a strong management and a unique product. Can you recommend ten movies to a friend? Your friend will be confused and will not watch a single movie recommended by you.


    You must believe that the product you are promoting is genuinely beneficial to people who use it. To build the belief, you must use the product and find out the benefit for yourself.


    This is not a selling business. This is a recommendation business based on faith people have in you. You cannot fake this faith by not using the product yourself and try selling it to others.


    There are people who believe that the product is just a vehicle to build their network marketing business. Any product will do as long as it brings in money. Such thinking will result in selling a product rather than building a network marketing business that is built on good faith and belief.


    Another important thing about belief is that initially when you join a network marketing company your belief system is weak. You have not used the products sufficiently. You know very little about the company you are promoting, and you do not fully understand the business model. Most importantly you are not making any money so you don’t have the confidence.


    Initially you have to make considerable effort to learn everything about the business, product and company. In other words, to build your belief system you have to train yourself extremely hard.

    The easiest way to build your belief system is to find a mentor. This is someone who has achieved success in the business.  You must be mentored to become a mentor. What you need is to be a part of a mastermind group who want YOU to succeed. You want up-line leadership support available when you need it.


    There is a saying that if you want to make million dollars then mastermind with millionaires. If you want to make $100,000 a year, then be in the company of people who make $100,000 a year.


    For most people, their yearly income is the average of their 5 people with whom they spend their time. If your 5 closest friends do not have the desired income or goals you aspire for then do not EVER listen to their opinions on business?


    If you want to succeed then change your circle of influence. Master mind with people who are rich and successful and your life will change. This does not mean that you have to dump your friends……..Just change your circle of influence. Spend more time with your mentor and master mind group.


    Let us say you want to invest in real estate. Would you ask the person who rents one home or a person who owns 25 homes, 14 townhouses, 2 farms and 8 commercial properties? To build a real estate investment business, why would you listen to people who've never invested in their lives? You have to find the right people from whom you can take advice.


    In order to build your belief system, you have to be in the company of those who believe in themselves and have succeeded in the business. If you cannot meet your mentor in flesh and blood then watch videos and listen to tapes of people who have achieved impressive results from the business and whom you admire.


    Your success in network marketing will be in the same proportion as the strength of your belief system. If you are not finding success in your network marketing business then, please check your belief system first.


    Are you convinced about the product you are using? Are you convinced about the company you are promoting? Are you receiving the right kind of training and support? Are you working with the right kind of master mind group?


    If your belief system is not strong then build your belief system in the product, the compensation plan and company you are promoting. In case you are not happy then find something you can believe in with your heart and soul.


    Without strong belief, in what you are doing, you are doomed to fail at the very start. If you wish to succeed build your belief system first. Let your mind and heart speak as one unit.


    Once you have belief in your business then sponsoring will be a fun filled experiences. Your belief will take you from being an exceedingly shy, who is afraid of speaking to strangers, to a market leader who is ready to “share” his product, service and business opportunity with confidence!


    Once you have the BELIEF, you will never be defensive about your company or business opportunity. You will create a positive and an emotionally surcharged atmosphere where people will want to be members of your team.


    You will attract people like a magnet into your business. This electrifying atmosphere is only possible once you learn to speak from your heart that is backed by a strong belief system.


    The emotional impact that you produce arises from your inner relationship with your product and program. It does not come from some kind of formula.


    Emotional power is - thoughtlessness. It bypasses your thinking process, for it has become you. It is your belief system and not something you consciously do or think about at the moment.


    People who succeed in network marketing is due to their deep belief in the product, the business plan, the company and the people behind the company. They cannot reach the height of success if their hearts and mind did not speak the same language. People converted to their cause because they are emotionally and intellectually honest.


    The power of emotional commitment comes from an inner conviction and prospects sense the sincerity even before they speak of committing them to their cause. Once you are convinced regarding theintegrity and uniqueness of your product you will love to share it with others. You can’t pretend that something is good when it isn’t. Success in network marketing comes in the same proportion as your belief in product and services grows.


    When you share your beliefs, you will succeed. Your emotional integrity plays a vital part in your power of personal persuasion. When you have that quality, your prospects will listen with more than just their ears. Your emotions will bypass the prospect’s defenses and get to his heart.


    Jacob Boehme said it well about 350 years ago. His words still ring true today.


    For realness, the exterior of our life needs to be the signature of the interior.”


    Your internal belief system will be strong when you sincerely believe that it’s right to help people become financially secure. It’s right to help people discover a way to better health, personal growth and increased happiness.


    No wonder the right kind of network marketing companies can build up loyalty and emotional attachment as few other businesses can! If you don’t feel that kind of inner power, then you need to ask yourself if the product line you’re marketing is helping you build that emotional power and belief within you.

    You cannot sell anything effectively unless you are sold on it yourself. Once you’re sold on the products, believe me; you will never have to sell anyone. The key is to become a user of a great product. Once you start using the product that shows results, you will start sharing the benefits of your experience.


    These benefits will fire your inner emotional power. You will then communicate facts. You will share values through emotions. If your listener concludes that your product has great value, it will be because you’ve shared your emotions and supported them with essential facts. That’s a powerful combination, one that lies at the source of the marketing power that you wish to acquire. You can have it. You will have it.


    It is important that your emotional power be the servant of intelligence. The closer you are to the unity of truth, the more power you will generate. It is only when knowledge and emotions combine and when heart and mind are one great success is achieved. 


    Once you develop the belief system, you won’t need any artificial means to find prospects. You will attract prospective associates to you with your warmth, conviction and natural enthusiasm, all of which flow from the center of your being. None of this has to be artificially produced. That is fun!


    To achieve this type of belief system, you must have a product or services you really believe in, a compensation plan that generously rewards you and an upline and company leadership that is dedicated to your success. If you have these, then you will have SUCCESS THROUGH POSITIVE EMOTIONAL POWER.


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